Dolphins in Bimini

Recently my family went to an island in the Bahamas called Bimini. The islands of Bimini are only about 50 miles away from the East coast of Florida; however, it took us about 10 hours to get to Bimini because of delays, storms, and engine problems. So by the time we did arrive, we definitely felt like we were on island time.

We didn’t have the best weather for the first couple days we were there, but what I was able to experience the rest of the trip definitely made up for it.

While we were face down in the water with our snorkels and fins, those on the boat could easily spot when the dolphins were swimming towards us. We would hear “dolphins on your right!” and then, all of a sudden, a pod of five dolphins appears and suddenly there are ten dolphins swimming right under us.

My dad said he was wondering “how closely related are we?” and wondered if we could really communicate with them. He just told me he made “dolphin” sounds when we were in the water to see if anything would happen.

As for me, the first time the dolphins swam right by me, I felt like I was starting to cry. However, since I was in the water with a snorkel and mask on I guess I couldn’t tell if I was producing actual tears, but it definitely felt like something close to it. I’ve seen dolphins while paddle boarding before, and they’ve come pretty close. However, there is something to be said about being IN the water with these huge, yet graceful, creatures swimming right past you while looking you in the eye.

Here are some of the photos I took while on the trip.



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